Jenn Craigmyle


Jenn Craigmyle is the founder and Certified Nurse Life Care Planner for Craigmyle 
Legal Nurse Services, LLC and a master prepared registered nurse who specialized in 
Medical Intensive Care and Neurological/Stroke Telemetry. Since 2012, Jenn thrives on 
providing law firms with comprehensive reports and plans that are not only holistic but are 
also accurate guides, which offer concise insight into cases with diagnoses including but not 
limited to traumatic brain injury, stroke, chronic pain, spinal cord injury, and a variety of 
orthopedic spine injuries.

Jenn has contributed to the evolution of healthcare by leaving her mark in the nursing 
industry as a clinical and theory educator of Nursing at Chaffey College and former instructor at the 
University of California Riverside for the Medical Field Case Management and Life Care Planning Program.